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John Burrell, a certified wildlife biologist and award-winning outfitter, cut his teeth running one of the countries most popular whitetail destinations. He has been featured weekly on ESPN as an outfitting expert and is one of the most respected outfitters in the country. He and his destinations have been featured on Under Wild Skies, North American Whitetail TV, Mossy Oak's Hunting the Country, She Safari's Beyond the Lodge and virtually all of the countries top sporting magazines as well at the New York Times. From the South he was introduced to the famed brush country of South Texas where a long-term relationship has led to the High Adventure Company having one of the finest free ranging ranches in the country. From there it was off to the prairies of Canada and the farm country of the mid West where it took years to get the properties up to the standards that the High Adventure Company's customers have come to expect. We have properties in five of the top seven Boone and Crocket producing states as well as in Canada.

SethSeth Johnson, co-founder of Whitetail Destinations and President of Outdoors Interactive, brings the world of hunting to life on the web and HDTV. His award winning web design has earned him the reputation as one of the countries top multimedia production specialist, and he currently holds a tenured professorship at a major university specializing in web design. His true passion is big whitetails. With years of experience hunting and filming whitetails all over the country, he has much to offer his fellow hunter. A solid understanding of what a hunter wants both out of his hunt and from the high tech media tools that surround today's outdoor industry uniquely qualifies Seth as a leader in his field. He truly knows what it takes to produce a top-end whitetail destination.

Adam PicAdam Lauderdale, field agent for Whitetail Destinations and John Burrell's High Adventure Company, is a true whitetail and turkey fanatic. With a degree in marketing and years of hunting experience, Adam has the reputation of locating and developing properties that grow big whitetails. Hunting whitetails from the deep-south to the agriculture rich mid-west has allowed him to fine tune his skills and attention toward helping others to be successful in the woods.  In the past, Adam has worked as a guide and as a pro staff member for Outdoor Marketing Group, a regional wholesaler of hunting and fishing equipment. Adam brings over two decades of hunting and guiding knowledge along with strategic marketing skill to the rich environment Whitetail Destinations has to offer.

GeorgeGeorge Gates is a native of Mississippi and grew up hunting deer in the hardwood bottomlands surrounding the Tallahatchie and Mississippi Rivers and the bean fields of the Mississippi Delta. After practicing law for seven years, George finally "saw the light", abandoning the practice of law, going to work full time in the hunting and fishing industry. Since then, he has hunted, fished and filmed all over the world taking big game, fish and birds in North, Central, and South America, Australia, and southern Africa. Currently he resides in Memphis, Tennessee, which allows him access to both a major airport and the hunting lands in Northern Mississippi and Eastern Arkansas that he loves so much. He has spent time hunting, filming and guiding on our Missouri, Iowa and Kentucky properties.
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