Central Illinois Trophy Whitetail Hunts


What more can say about the whitetail hunting in Illinois?  It has produced more Boone and Crockett Whitetails in the last twenty years than any other state in the union.  Located just to the east of the famed golden triangle lie Greene and Morgan counties, receiving a fraction of the pressure of the renowned counties to the west but with the same quality habitat that has made this one of the premier trophy destinations in the country.  Unlike our competitors in this region we are committed not to over hunt our properties. With more than 7,500 acres of prime habitat, a maximum of 12 hunters per week and the ideal habitat our hunters are assured of a quality experience. 


Trophy Deer PhotoDepending on the time of the season hunters will generally spend the morning hunts concentrating on either acorn producing mast species in the hardwoods or in the travel corridors leading from the feeding areas back into the thick bedding habitat.  Afternoon hunts are generally spent on the field edges of either the agriculture areas or the large CRP (conservation reserve program) fields which provide ideal bedding habitat.  Moving into the peak of the rut our hunters will key in on the doe concentrations.


Habitiat PhotoIf you defined the ideal habitat for growing trophy whitetails it would be hard to beat this area of Central Illinois, with a mixture of 50% timbered hardwoods and 50% agriculture land consisting primarily of corn, soybeans, winter wheat, and CRP it just doesn’t get any better than this.  One of the benefits of having such a diverse habitat is the incredible amount of “edge effect” created which is one of the keys to quality whitetail habitat. This combination of hardwoods, agriculture crops, and sufficient bedding habitat is what has made Illinois the top Boone and Crockett producing state over the last twenty years.


Archery Oct 1st - Jan 14th
1st Gun season Nov 20,21,22
2nd Gun season Dec 3,4,5,6
Muzzleloader Dec 11,12,13


Non-resident either sex firearm deer permit $300*
Non-resident either sex archery deer permit $400*
In addition to a valid deer hunting permit hunters are required to purchase either a 5-Day ($28.75) OR Annual ($50.75) Hunting License OR a Habitat Stamp ($5.50).
*It is necessary for non-resident hunters to draw a tag in Illinois

Trophy Expectation

We expect hunters to have a reasonable opportunity to take a 150-class whitetail and there is always the chance for a deer of a lifetime. We have a 140-inch or 4 yr old minimum on our property. 

*A penalty of $1000 will apply for deer under 140" OR less than 4 years old.


Hunters will stay in our modern 4 bedrooms 3-bath lodge that will accommodate 12 hunters.  Home cooked meals are provided at the lodge.

Getting there

Hunters can fly into St. Louis and rent a car for the 1 1/2 hour drive to the property.


The following are the average high and low temperatures for Central Illinois.
Oct 68/46, Nov 55/35, Dec. 42/24, Jan 38/18

The following is the average monthly rainfall.
Oct 3 in., Nov. 3.8 in, Dec. 3.4, Jan 2.0 in.

Central Illinois Hunt Prices

$3500 1st Season Shotgun Season, 3 days
$3500 2nd Season Shotgun Season, 4 days
$3500 Muzzleloader Season, 3 days
$3500 5-Day Rut Archery Hunt
$2500 5-Day Non-Rut Archery Hunt

Call John Burrell at High Adventure Company for hunt availabilities.
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