Southeastern Kansas Trophy Whitetail Hunts


In the past twenty years Kansas has ranked #6 in Boone and Crocket entries right behind Missouri and Kentucky. Kansas is one of the whitetail-hunting world's best-kept secrets and acre for acre Kansas rivals the very best areas around the globe for producing trophy whitetails. The combination of abundant agriculture, age structure and limited pressure make Kansas a haven for trophy whitetails. Assembled here is a collection of intensively managed properties ready for the trophy hunter to reap the benefits of a world class whitetail destination thanks to years of intensive management by the property owner. This is a very low volume operation on 3,000 private acres in Comanche and Ford counties that we don’t consider to be commercial but we do get a couple of premier spots each year for our clients.


trophy imageMost of our morning hunts are travel corridors leading from the large alfalfa fields back to the thick bedding areas. We can access these from treesstands located in the shelterbelts or from blinds covering the wooded edges. Afternoon hunts are usually in conjunction with large agriculture fields or open grassy areas where deer like to come to feed. These opening can be an incredible place to be situated during the peak of the rut.


habitat imageLike much of the mid west it is the fertile farmlands in conjunction with thick bedding habitat that make this such a Mecca for the trophy whitetail hunter. Much more open than our other properties in neighboring states, the key to high deer densities in this part of the world is water and we are covered up with it. Agriculture fields adjacent to CRP fields or small shelterbelts of trees are the habitat types that we like to key on.


Early Muzzleloader season: Sept 21st - Oct 4th
Archery Season: Sept 21st - Dec 31st
Rifle Season: Dec 2nd - Dec 13th


Non resident whitetail deer permit (by application and draw) $322.50 (includes a $21.50 non refundable application fee.

Trophy Expectation

We expect hunters to have a reasonable chance to harvest a 150-class buck but there is always a chance for that buck of a lifetime. 


Hunters will be accommodated in a modern ranch house on the property.

Getting there

Hunters can fly into Wichita Kansas where they can pick up a rental car for the 2 hour drive to the property. 


The following are the average high and low temps for southwest Kansas:
Sept. 80/54 Oct. 70/48 Nov. 55/35 Dec. 42/24

Average rainfall
Sept. 4.5in, Oct. 3.06in, Nov. 1.9in, Dec 1.4in

Southeastern Kansas Hunt Prices

4 day hunt $3500

Call John Burrell at High Adventure Company for hunt availabilities.
1- 800-847-0834

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