South Alabama Trophy Whitetail Hunts


While Alabama may not produce the numbers of record book whitetails like some of our other destinations but there is no denying that the famed blackbelt region is home to some of the South’s finest deer herds. This area of southwest Alabama is so famous for it’s rich soils capable of producing trophy class whitetails. Our unique combination of prime habitat, ideal population level, and modern wildlife management techniques ensure a deer herd unexcelled in quality. Located near Aliceville, Alabama, the 10,000 contiguous acre property is renowned as one of the finest whitetail deer hunting destinations in the Southeast.


trophy imageHunting in the blackbelt of Alabama is an experience in true Southern Hospitality. Most mornings are spent in the beautiful hardwood bottoms looking over acorn flats or travel corridors between bedding and feeding areas. Alternatively hunters may be on one of the spoke and wheel set ups located within the pine stands, these areas have “senderos” similar to Texas cut into the pines and are a favored travel corridors of the whitetails returning to their bedding areas. Afternoons are spent on one of the large winter food pots located around the 10,000 acres. The number of deer using these plots is amazing.


Alabama HabitatThis area of Alabama is famous for it's large tracts of bottomland hardwoods located along the Tennessee Tombigbee waterway. In addition to the hardwood bottoms the property is home to large stands of loblolly pines in various age classes making this the ideal combination of whitetail habitat, which is managed by some of the finest wildlife biologists in the industry. This property was truly home to some of the first whitetail management programs in the South and it shows with their ideal age structure and sex ratio.

Trophy Expectation

While a true swamp monster of a buck may appear at any time, hunters in this region of Alabama can realistically expect an opportunity at a whitetail scoring from 120 to 140 BC gross.


Again hunting this property is a true treat in Southern hospitality at it’s finest. Our lodge With 16 private rooms can only be described as rustic elegance, The comfortable great room with HD TV’s, a full bar and gigantic fireplaces. Meals are all southern and we're not sure if more hunters come back year after year for the food or the quality of the whitetail hunting.

Getting There

Hunters can fly into Birmingham AL where transfers can be arranged to the lodge. Hunters arriving by private plane can fly directly into Aliceville regional airport. The lodge is a reasonable drive from most areas throughout the southeast.


The following are average high and low temps for our hunting area in Alabama Oct. 77/55, Nov. 66/42, Dec. 57/35, and Jan. 54/32. Average monthly rainfall is Oct. 3 in, Nov. 4.1 in, Dec. 5.1 in, and Jan 5.3 in.

South Alabama Hunt Prices

2-day gun hunt: $1550

Call John Burrell at High Adventure Company for hunt availabilities.
1- 800-847-0834

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